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Default beware of "Club Tread" email scams

Just thought I'd pass this warning along of a scam using Club Tread as a hide-behind name. Today I received the first scam email masquerading as a Club Tread community user. I'm hoping a moderator can do something to try to block these things.

We've all seen various scams on email, Kijiji etc. You know the ones: "King So-and-so" from Uganda wants to deposit a million dollars into your account, someone else wants you to send money yada yada.

The email came from a [email protected] and was titled "Sent from Club Tread Community by John10" with the message:

Can you assist me to transfer funds into your account and help me to invest in your country or any part of the world. Please let me know so that I can detail you more.

My Regards, John Wei.
It gave a link -- -- which looks familiar to all of us, but when you hover over it actually links to something completely different. DON'T click on it, of course it's phishing for your bank account information.
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