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Ryan Conroy
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Hey I got an inflatable standup paddle board with the intention of doing some packrafting type expeditions with it.

Most will have tie downs as far as I know, mine does and it is a mid grade inflatable.

Weight should not be an issue unless you are packing more than 50 pounds or are very heavy. Mine is I believe 10'10 and can support 250 pounds. Obviously the bigger boards could hold more gear and travel faster.

The main problem is weather. If you get bad wind it can blow you off frequently but worse make it very slow to move, or even not possible at all. At some point the wind can be challenging and fun especially if it's with you but past a certain point it is just frustrating. For short trips on nice days, awesome. But some of the trips I was planning where I would have to cover long distances many days in a row where you wouldn't be able to rely on the weather - whole other story.

They are lots of fun and I like not cramping my legs, and they are a really good core and balance workout. But for the most part I use it for having fun and crabbing. I'm getting a Feathercraft kayak for the long trips.
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