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Firstoff at the trailhead it looks as though someone had some fun doing target practice with beer bottles, so broken glass is all around the trailhead log so I took the road instead as I didnt want my doggie's feet to get cut up.
Next, there's a number of fresh clear-cut areas around the trail after the first road crossing. I knew they'd be logging in the area soon so I was a bit fearful as to how they'd treat the trail, but while there are now clearcuts on either side of the trail, they did try keeping a 40 metre buffer on either side, so the trail itself is intact

Doesn't that just p*ss one off.
My friend & I & his dog of cat-like demeanor [^] had to backpedal on an Arrowsmith Hike one year when his companion sliced his paw open on bottle glass not far off the trailhead
Had to get back to Port to look for a Vet on a Sunday morning.
After that , he had some custom leather booties made up for Jake.

Always thought that Canada & states lag behind other countries , If Nudism were an allowable activity & dedicated beaches and camps and trails endorsed , many areas would actually have a "standard" & be free of this barbaristic hazard . We like it Clean & Safe.

Secondly , you are lucky they left a buffer of trees ; here on Van Isl I know of a lot of unprotected trails that now are a shambles and horribly exposed after the loggers been through.
Mac-Bloe used to show consideration , now that they are history , the niche-filling-corporations ignore our trail & access needs.

btw , Nice report.

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