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Yes fit is very important so take suggestions on boots with a grain of salt. Try them on, and get a feel for how they wrap your feet etc.

I've been more then pleased with my Gronell Klondikes, beautiful, made in italy, leather inside and out, norweigan welts so you can resole them. They are stiff enough for cramponing, though probably not for vertical ice (imho - ymmv). You'll want to treat them with a bit of waterproofing wax etc. but they fit the bill for me. And boy can they take a beating and still look as new.

Sure they are a tad heavy, but they aren't your average light hikers, these are made for real exploring on tough ground, they've surely saved my ankles on many a steep sidehill bushwack. With a big heavy overnight/weekend pack they are simply divine. Break-in period was relatively quick and they have molded to my feet so nicely.

To me they are the epitomy of a tough, built to last hiking boot. I don't know that i'll ever need another set of hikers again.

Now would I use these on flat-ish, well groomed trails, or things like the grind or the chief? Probably not, they are overkill for this application. But boy do I appreciate them on real hikes that I enjoy doing! They also work just fine strapped into a snowboard binding for some spring skiing applications saving lugging along snowboard extra boots

A friend of mine has the Mammut Kootenays and likes them, they are a little lighter, but no ability to resole and they haven't worn as nicely my gronells.

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