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I'd say buy whatever fit the best, to me that trumps everything else. I recently took the plunge on some Hanwag Mountain Lights GTX (discontinued). They are half leather, half fabric. It is a more breathable version of the Alaska GTX with the same shank and sole. I am guessing you are looking at the Alaska's for your purchase.

It's a solid boot, but it's expensive. I do like that they can be resoled and I plan to keep them going as long as I can. The rocker they have in the boot is great for hiking. Although after 1 month of scrambles and rock climbing there are some decent cuts/gouges in the tread. I think I will need to resole them once every one-two years depending on use. Anyway the boot is water proof, I have had it in knee deep snow up Mt Kidd this year and in bogs and streams.

Again I say get whatever fits best, replace or resole when they wear out. My last pair of boots (handy downs from my family) did not fit and made outdoor pursuits unpleasant.
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