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Default MEC Merlin DF bags and bag recommendation

Bought myself one of the MEC Merlin DF -3 bags and was somewhat surprised to receive a letter from MEC saying the bags had issues and they've basically offered a rebate or full refund.

Some of the parts of the bags did not get enough down fill. You can tell pretty easily if you hold the bag up to the light. Mine had some significant gaps. MEC has basically re-rated the bag to +3. New DF -3's will be available later this summer and the -10 version not until into 2014.

So...I am planning to return mine and figured I'd ask the community for a recommendation on a new bag/sleep system. As far as sleeping goes, I am above average for sure in the warmth category. Hence why a -3 bag hit the sweet spot and seemed like it would be pretty versatile for me for spring and fall use.

My mat of choice 3 season is pretty warm - a Neoair X-Therm. I have a synthetic 0C bag for summer/coastal/wet use.

I'm looking for a down bag, 800+ fill. I've looked at WM, Marmot, Mountain Hardware, Mont-bell etc and there seems to be plenty in the -7C to 0C but not much in-between.

So...recommendations? I'd like to begin to stretch my backpacking well into Oct or Nov down low.

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