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quote:Originally posted by simonc

Echo Lake area, Lapworth et al and Sedgwick? You could spend a few good days up there rambling along the ridge tops.

Can you comment on the snow conditions? Penetration etc.
Yeah. We've been looking up there since we arrived in Squamish. Ideally I'd like to spend a few nights up there and explore the peaks around the lake.

The snow conditions on Mulligan and Anif are similar to those being seen around a lot of the coast mountains atm. The isothermal spring snow on top, especially above ~1300m by my guess, releases slow wet slides of an inch or 2 deep very easily. Small bits of snow we knocked off on the summit ridge we could see start to cause larger wet slides off to the side as they continued to roll.

This was only in open areas, in the trees the snowpack felt a lot more stable and consolidated.
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