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quote:Originally posted by splitboarder

Not boring at all. I very much like that story. Good luck in your quest, I'm sure your grandpa would appreciate your efforts in attempting to locate the old cache.

Sounds like that Welcome mat would work in urban areas as well, to fend off the stalking jehova's witnesses!
I could of used that the other day

Wildman, yeah he came in from the trail across the service station at tatooga lake and about 100 miles down from the trail meeting the rail line is where he made his camp. I just ment instead of going towards dease he went the other way. He had a dune buggy as he called it (an 81 ford with no doors or winshield, only 1 seat and big tires), hed go exploring with that lol. Don't think he had any dogs. Gramps said the name of this big 200-400 man camp (coal, minerals) and how far down the line terry was from them, but I cant remember now. I bought a map of the area, so i'm gonna get gramps to mark it when I'm over this flu, and get those pics as well. Those stories of yours are cool, im a fan of huskies tho I think this year I'm get a newfoundland
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