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quote:Originally posted by peter1955

quote:Originally posted by GordieW

Its cottage country, I am building my cabin on a designated lot. There are hundreds of them out there.

As for Elk Island, I am going by information of the official government website, it clearly states backcountry camping. Mind you I have never been there. They also have winter camping.
Downtown Jasper isn't much of a park either, but it's surrounded by a vast amount of territory where the only buildings are the occasional warden's offices.

Provincial parks are subject to the whims of the various governments, I guess, and we have the same problem here. It seems a shame to designate half a lake as a park and cede the other side to development. Cottagers with powerboats can ruin the whole lake, not just their side of it. Personally, I go to the parks to get away from all that crap.

Come to Elk island sometime. The camping is the kind of thing that you'd do with your RV at Astotin, or your Boy Scout troop at Oster lake, but the trails are pretty.
I hear ya, the power boaters I can do without. I don't even drive. I actually camp out on my land while I'm working. My neighbours think I'm weird. They tell me to put a shed on there to sleep in while I'm working on the cabin, I don't think they understand that I like camping. I would rather be sleeping out under the stars than in any type of building. Some of those cottagers have big stucco mansions, damn eyesore if you ask me. I am building small, the minimum requirement, and I'm not clearing my lot like most do. I'm keeping it fairly wooded. Lots of wildlife too, after my third weekend out there the deer started to approach me. At first they took off, but I guess they got used to me. A mother would bring her fawn to feed near me. I guess she figurd I wasn't a threat. It was pretty cool. Holy cow I'm

Hopefully I will make it to Elk Island one day, I plan on visiting as many parks across this country as I can.
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