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quote:Originally posted by splitboarder

I can't imagine dealing with anything cotton in the backcountry. It soaks up so much weight in water and dries slowly. It would be fine in drier climates perhaps but I would think it as completely unsuitable for the coast. You might get away with it for 1 night, but by morning I'd expect it to be pretty damp in most situations, then good luck drying it out.
I have to agree with this. Once the tent warms up a bit, I always find I'm starting to get too warm. If you start sweating at all, I would think you would not only kill the extra insulation value of the liner but also create a heat draining layer around you wherever the cotton is damp. You might be warm in front and freezing on your backside. And even in Alberta, cotton will take a good day hanging on a line to dry out completely. Feel like getting into a damp cotton sheet when you go to bed?

If you really want to add extra warmth, MEC sells a fleece bag liner, or external bag covers. Both add weight, so the better option is to just get a new sleeping bag. I use a 0° synthetic bag in summer and a -7° down bag in the fall and spring. No winter camping for me.
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