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quote:Originally posted by wilderness_seeker

quote:Originally posted by leimrod

Not really funny but poignant I guess.

I was telling someones son, around 14 years old, about a good book he should read, "The 48 Laws of Powers"

To which he responded: "I'd like to read it but I don't want to buy it, is there a place where you can pay to rent out books to read like a Blockbusters or something. How come you can rent movies and video games but you can't rent books?"

I gave him a wry smile and raised an eyebrow imagining he was joking.

He looked confused.

So I said: "A Library, and it's free"
When I was a kid, I envisioned being able to take movies out of a library, just like books. So that you could watch it when you wanted instead of waiting for the once a year or so they'd show some old children's classic on TV (not to mention the hell that would break loose if there was something on another channel at the same time that your sister wanted to watch).

And then it actually happened: VCRs and video stores.
And now the librarys have dvd's of current movies up for take outs. At least the North and west Vancouver ones do.
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