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*caution, incoming geeky geology post*

I have always found Opal Cone and it's lava flow to be fascinating because of the type of lava (hornblende-biotite dacite),the shear volume of it produced, and the length of the flow down Ring Creek. 4.5 cubic Km of lava! Imagine what sort of peak that would have been created, had it been a little more viscous. Most dacite flows are not as long or as fluid. Curiously, flows of the same type of lava were happening during the same time down the west side of Atwell Peak which I guess makes Opal Cone a parasitic vent since they obviously must share the same magma chamber.

Volcanology has always been an interest of mine and I haven't had a vacation in years that hasn't taken me somewhere on the side of one volcano or the other. We are so lucky to have such interesting geology so close to us.

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