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quote:Originally posted by Steventy
I'd be interested in going back one spring when there is a deep snow pack and going to the end of the L line and then dropping onto the flow itself.
I did that on skis one time. The snow could have been a lot deeper. The trouble with lava flows in this area (Clinker, Culliton, Opal) is they are incredibly lumpy terrain to follow. They are continuously up and down. A much better bet if you want to explore the Opal lava flow is to take the wooded ridge on its east side, which is basically the same ridge that L Line runs along. With snow on it, it would be much easier travel.

There's actually a disused trail on the other side of the ridge from the flow that goes up towards Mamquam Lake. It's easy enough to follow at least at the outset. I lost it in snow late June one year a ways beyond Zig Zag Creek. I imagine you could find it like I did by bushwhacking around but, if you want, I can tell you where it is.
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