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Default MEC Rental problems

I can't speak about all MEC rental shops, but in Edmonton, I think anyone renting gear needs to check their equipment very carefully. In the last little while, everyone that I know that has rented equipment has had problems. Two notable cases:

A new to AT skiing friend of mine rented a rig with boots and skis. The bindings were not sized to the boots and the DIN was set to minimum. He was assured that everything was ready to go, but I had to set it all up at the trailhead.

One of the adults on our family mountaineering trip this summer rented crampons. I told her to take her boots in and have them make sure the 'pons would fit. She did that, and put them on the counter when she picked up the crampons and asked that the crampons be fitted to her boots. The staffer dismissed her, stating that they would fit. Well, they didn't. Luckily, I was able to swap around with others in the group and she was still able to come climbing.

There have been tents missing parts and other gaffs.

Just a heads up...
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