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Default anvil island leading peak East cheapskate approach

This has been on the radar for a long time but being a cheapskate I didn't want to pay for the watertaxi or Bible camp donation.

Numerous trip descriptions of paddling to pebble beach then to hook up with bible camp trail. All just seem way to easy
Seemed like a adventure

Howe sound wind (as always was wind warning)

Put in at Porteau Cove Provincial Park wind was 3-4 knots so just headed straight to Anvil. Beautiful water a couple seals and not much more to report.
Beached at the normal small cove beside the stream tucked kayak in the trees.

Trail starts on the left hand side with yellow,pink and orange ribbons. Pretty much off and on foot bed but at times hard to see with dead fall etc.
At the 370m mark the flagging stopped and attempted to follow the worn foot bed but it goes left. Went up a short distance then bluffed out, back tracked and found this unmarked route up a small path in the bluffs on right.
Followed that a bit and just started to get annoyed as no ribbons to be seen. Found this crazy game trail that skirt the bluffs on this ledge. Bushwhacked a bit then came to bluff head wall and found the ribbons. Trail went another route further right (north)

Rest of the trail is pretty straight forward but some steep exciting parts. Hooks up with bible camp trail at 15 marker.

On the return at the 400m where I found the marked trail on the way up. I followed the marked route and was moving along no problem. Then all of a sudden it just stopped and the route down was this washed out tree and rock jam. F*** me, Screw it just bulldozed my way down this steep section over rocks, trees, stumps. At the bottom I was at the section where the flagging had vanished. So it looks like the original trail route has been washed out. But looking up from where I came no way in hell would you expect that is the route.
So be warned some interested route finding required

Over all a pretty decent trail minimal dead fall that you have to climb over. Just has lot of steep sections but hell way more exciting then bible camp trail(boring)

Sorry about the pics, i have to fix them,

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