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My battery started working again so I didn't worry about it, but then flaked again. So it was time to operate.

Here's a way to remedy the situation for those who may be experiencing the same issue.

1. Go to MEC and buy the "kit". It comes with a new battery, a new backing, and a replacement tool. The backing is different from the old one as it also has two small holes that the tool can fit into.

2. Get the tool out and wet the ends of the tool. Touch the back of the watch to make little wet spot markers. For mine, I did it in roughly the same positioning as the new back.

3. Get out your drill and use a bit similar size to the new backing. Carefully drill out the old backing. You won't wreck the watch if you're careful - just stop when you hit the battery.

4. Use the tool to pull off the old back - wow worked great!!!

5. Install new backing and toss that other piece of crap backing in the garbage. Voila!

The kit is a little more expensive than just a battery replacement, but well worth it!

Hope that helps anyone else who may have been having a similar issue.

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