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Default Help! Just Joined; looking for Tatchu Peninsula Trail Info!

I just returned from an attempt to hike the Tatchu peninsula trail from Port Eliza to Rugged Point, with two friends.
It was to be a four-five night trek, but we turned back after encountering a huge (seemingly impassable) washout of the logging road part of the trail around Km 7, near the old logging camp.

We had researched the trek -- but maybe not well-enough? We had no warning of the washout until our pilot casually mentioned it on the flight to Port Eliza.

He had no other information -- other the suggestion that it had happened late 2018 (winter storm) and that other hikers seemed to be getting through.

When we arrived at the washout (a gap of about 20 metres across by 15 metres deep) we scouted a bit, but couldn't see a way across and up the other side.
We finally scrambled down into and along the riverbed, to the beach, where we camped for the first night.

Next day we looked for another route -- without success. We did find an overgrown trail from the beach to the old logging camp, so we didn't have to do the hard climb back up to the logging road / trail -- but no way to continue past the washout to continue our planned trek.

Thanks to inReach, we were able to contact Nootka Air and arrange to be picked up back at Port Eliza the next morning.

Since getting home, I've been searching for any mention of the washout, and haven't found anything.
The people at Air Nootka say they've been taking hikers in and out, but haven't heard of a problem getting through from anyone.

So -- what did we miss? Is there actually a way past the washout? Is such information available somewhere? Should we have researcher somewhere else?

I feel like we are three reasonably-prepared, reasonably competent trekkers --but not being able to overcome this obstruction is very frustrating!

Any suggestions?

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That would have been really disappointing. You might ask Leo at Voyager Water Taxi which operates out of Fair Harbour if he has heard anything. He regularly drops hikers off at Rugged Point who want to do the route north to south. Air Nootka is a good outfit I have used them to get to the Hesquiat Peninsula, Nootka Trail and Kyuquot Sound. If they had heard of any problem they would certainly pass it along. Appreciate the heads up as I will now probably just do the upper part now as I usually go solo and don't need the disappointment you experienced.
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Thanks, Bluefoot! I'll try Voyager Water Taxi for more info.

We felt we had a thorough look for a detour, but didn't notice any markers, etc.

It's disappointing to think we overlooked something that numerous others knew about.

Maybe my call for help here will provide you with enough info to do the full hike -- although I have to admit I found that lower section on the logging road to be quite boring; seven-plus Km of gravel road punched through the woods...

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Wow, that has come out of the blue and has put an untiming end to your hike! What a bummer!

I have hiked Tatchu Peninsula with my gang of Cousins and their dad in June 2018, we got dropped off at Rugged Point, flying in with Tofino Air and headed south.

It was a good hike, you can expect lots of beaches, scrambles on rocks, wading creeks and see lots of wildlife, we even had a bear walk right tru our camp at one time!

The main obstacle, the deep surge channel can be bypassed by a rough game trail.

We got picked up my Shorebird water Taxi out of Tahsis at Yellow Bluff, so we did not have to hike the logging road to Port Eliza.

That would work also in the other direction heading North.

Crossing the headland between Yellow Bluff and the next bay (our last, perhaps your first camp) we had to wade a black lake, that looked very deep, but we managed to get across, about tight high water.
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