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I had bought that camera while on holiday in South Africa last fall, because I drowned my Lumix in the ocean and I couldn't replace the Lumix. The camera takes amazing pictures, the zoom works great, the video works good, but I ended up selling it when I got back to Canada because I didn't like the batteries. It uses four batteries. Alkaline batteries were only giving me about 100 pictures. Lithium batteries were giving me about 300 pictures, which isn't bad, but I routinely take between 200 and 500 pictures on a backpacking trip and in South Africa I took 2000. So I bought some good rechargeables but I was only getting 75 pictures, which sucked. On a recent four day backpacking trip up the Athabasca River I took 611 pictures with a ton of zooming in and out and I still had a third of my battery power left on my Lithium ion battery in my Lumix. The guy I sold it to took it on holidays to the Bahamas and he was very happy with it. So if you don't plan on shooting hundreds of photos then yes, I recommend it. It is very tough and durable. One other small thing that I didn't like about it is the space between the grip and the lens wasn't big enough to get my fingers in. I routinely hold my camera in my hand while out and I found it a bit annoying.
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