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Default A Gulf Islands Cycle Tour, Advice?


I've never been much of a cycler until my g/f's grandmother bought both of us a nice pair of bikes. Since then I understood why I didn't like cycling before (laborious on an old steel framed Nishiki with friction gears). Unfortunately, she bought us the bikes shortly before passing from lung cancer in November (in case you feel generous, we joined the Ride to Conquer Cancer in her memory: At any rate, the point is I cycle now and am training up for that ride so I'll be in reasonably good shape by the time we leave for this trip.

Being the adventurous types we decided we wanted to do a two week tour of the Major gulf islands (2 days an island). We've been collecting gear over the last 6 months and have most of it now.

I have two questions: Where should we go (or not go) in our tour of the islands?

What is some general advice and gear concerns for a two week tour of the wet coast?

Obviously it won't be too ride heavy of a tour given the size of the islands.

Thanks for any advice
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