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Default Jasper Snowbowl

I spent three days at Shangri-La last weekend. No snow around Jasper; I took these pictures a couple weeks ago at the Rocky River:

It was very warm out, we got some snow, and the only thing we didn't get was great visibility except for a couple hours early in the mornings. The ski up Jeffery Creek was in good condition. The wind had covered our track upon our return. Thanks to the next party for breaking trail, it made our exit a lot faster. While at the cabin, we spent a lot of time skiing off Sunshine and Aberhart, eating, drinking, and being merry.

Snow conditions were good at treeline and below. There was a lot of wind transport in the alpine; the north side of Little Shovel Pass was bare in places. We found easy to moderate failures (without propagation) of the storm slab on southeast slopes at 2200m but otherwise the snowpack was very well consolidated. It was over 2 metres deep half-way up Aberthart.

Not many pics, but it was a nice three days in paradise nonetheless. The only yardsale of the weekend happened on the way out Jeffery Creek, when one of our party tried to miss a collision after rounding a corner and ended up doing a four-point bridge over the open creek to avoid having an icy bath. Wish I had a picture of that...

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