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What I do is using the dos SUBST command to create a drive letter for a local directory. All my photo's are imported from this drive. So the catalog thinks they are locate in I:\Digiphoto, that I:\Digiphoto could really be D:\BACKUP\Digiphoto or an external drive mapped as I: if the primary location dies. This has nothing to do with backup, but I think is a neat trick to give you some flexibility if you ever setup your storage differently.

I would not recommend using DVD's. It a use pain to create a full copy, and external USB drives are far more convenient and cheap. If you want add an extra layer of safety you could copy your librbary to the secondary location with a utility that does a CRC check on the copy so that you know the copy is correct, you then run a utility like QuickPAR. Interesting enough is doesn't seem like there are newer utilities then that (2004).

For my most critical pictures (wedding) I have create a DVD backup, burned at single speed on a archival quality (Gold) DVD. The photo's had parity added as well.

I also converted all my RAW files to DNG, guessing that it's more likely a DNG viewer will be available in 10 years then a native Canon viewer.

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