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I just wanted to add to this thread that I picked up a Bora 80, and that I was totally wrong about my torso measurement - it is around 45 cm, give or take. I found that with the medium frame I had some problems with the waist belt though. I measure about 34" in the waist, depending on how bloated I am. The waist belt simply feels too wide - when centered on my illiac crest of my hips, the top pokes into the bottom of my ribs. I found that I had to cinch the belt so tight it actually hurt my abdomen, though if I took a little more on the shoulders it was better. Mostly the problem seems that the bottom of the pack kept sliding down and resting on my tail bone - not good. The lumbar pad needs more padding to fit my back better, and the surface material is too slick.

Will try out the size small hip belt and see if this helps more. Will also be considering some way to make the surface of the lumbar pad rougher to give it better hold.
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