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Check your file format of your photo's.

If you're importing them from the camera as jpegs they should be fine. But, if your camera shoots raw files such as .tiff .cr2 .nef they may be importing as those file types, and those probably won't upload.

I don't know if you're trying to upload through iphoto or not, but just find the photo's in the folder iphoto saves them in and upload them from there. If you click on the finder (the 2 faced happy icon) there should be a folder called pictures and I think iphoto saves them all in there.

It also could be you don't have the proper java plugin to use that uploader. You could use the one just to the left of it that says "upload an image" You have to select them one at a time though. Yes that could be it, it doesn't work on my mac either.
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