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Default Needle - Oct 14

Yet another TR to the Needle...but hey why's a pretty nice place to be.

Headed out Sat Oct 14 with shigum and wife. Beautiful day - clear and sunny. A few other cars in the "parking" area. Trail was wet and muddy up until about 1400m+ when it got pretty icy. Actually the trail was downright treacherous at times. Strap some spikes onto your pack if you are thinking of heading out there anytime soon...go any later and it will be a pure snowshoe trek.

Snow line was not much further up (1500m ish?) and was not too deep but it is certainly winter up there.

Got up to the peak and scrambled up the first section - we had a member of the group who didn't feel comfortable heading up so we were left with the (still great) views after the first scramble. Had a bite to eat to recharge and headed back down. Have to go for the summit next time around...up and back in about 5hrs. The trip back down was even worse - there were a few slip and falls - again some spikes or traction is a good idea.
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