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Don't forget about giant lizards:

The headwaters of Third Creek are located in the lake-studded alpine meadows surrounding the Five Fingers Spires. These alpine meadows are said to be the home of huge lizards, sometimes known as the Pitt Lake Giant; they also go by the name of the Canadian Alligator, or the Pitt lake Lizard, and some think it may be an unknown species of Monitor Lizard.

The huge lizards can be up to 15 feet long, are covered in hair that is longer on the head and thinner on the arms. They have horns behind the head and two rows of sharp teeth. Also reported, they have square-set shoulders with arms that hang below the knees. Their paws are the size and shape of kayak paddles and their four-toed feet, about 24 inches long, leave a pink tint in the snow. This was observed from tracks reported in the snow northwest of Pitt Lake. The tracks were followed by a group of hunters and a large creature was observed. The creature remained still but when the hunters returned later in the day, the creature was gone.

Pitt Lake has also produced the capture of a large horned lizard that has not yet been classified in the realms of zoology.
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