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Here's some information I dug up:

There is a myriad of cryptids in British Columbia, but one of the largest is known as the Pacific Giant Salamander or the Black Salamander.

They are found far and wide in China and Japan and are called Megalobatrachus. Whilst I concede that the Japanese and Chinese salamanders are pretty big at about four feet long, the ones that are reported from the Pitt Lake region are monstrous and start at six feet and some are said to be as long as 12 feet. They have been observed being equally comfortable on land or in water.

There have been sightings reported near the Fraser River between Rosedale and Hope, on the shores of Nitnat Lake, Cultus Lake and Chilliwack Lake . However it is at Pitt Lake where most of the recent sightings have been. The most recent was in late 2005, but it was the 2002 sighting by Pitt River Lodge owner, Dan Gerak, which has considerable credibility. Gerak is a wildlife enthusiast, outfitter, and guide.

On two occasions in late 2002, Gerak caught site of what he described as a giant black salamander in Pitt Lake where the lake meets the Pitt River at a bottleneck known as the Narrows. Gerak first saw the head of the animal followed by the body. It was a salamander in excess of five feet long. This sighting was by a seasoned outdoorsmen familiar with all the fauna in and around Pitt Lake. He does not misidentify animals.
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