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quote:Originally posted by AcesHigh

It's not just the software (Photoshop for example) that is advancing, the cameras and hardware technology as well as the software within the camera is getting better.

The world of photography is always advancing.
Actually, the tools available to photographers are advancing. Good photographers are just that, and no amount of technology can make a poor photographer a good one.

Think if it this way ... if you are a carpenter, you can choose to use the tools available to you. You can hammer in every nail by hand, or, based on your expert judgement, you can choose to use a nail gun. Does that make you any less of a carpenter? No, it doesn't, but that nail gun can be used by someone who is not a carpenter and the results can be similar. Does that mean that the non-carpenter has the knowledge and expertise to build a finely crafted home? Probably not.

I am getting really tired of the argument that photoshop is simply a means to cover up poor photography. It is a tool available to photographers and not some "cheat".

However, CGI is starting to be used much more extensively in commercial applications previously the realm of photographers and any photographer who is serious about staying in the business and adapting to the future would do well to learn these tools and understand the impact it could have on the industry. Everything evolves.

None of this takes away from the skill required to make good photographs consistently.
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