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quote:Originally posted by Arnold
To be honest, Photoshop makes a bad photograher even worse.
Yep. I agree 100%. I know a guy (who hopefully doesn't read this ) who desperately wants to be a good landscape photographer. He has a Nikon D300 with some very expensive glass, a carbon fiber tripod with ball head and has spent over $1000 on software (photoshop, sharpening, hdr etc) but his pictures still pretty much suck. [:0]

He's even taken 2 or 3 photography classes including seminars taught by some of Canada's leading landscape photogs including Darwin Wigget. In theory he has all the automation and technical ability to produce stunning photographs but the part that's missing is what really counts. And that part is something you either have or you don't and no amount of fancy software is going to give it to you.

That being said, this is darn cool stuff. No more cloning out that stubborn wire or twig that got in the way of a nice view!

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