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quote:Originally posted by Arnold

For those that say now every 10yo can be a great photographer, or that pictures must come out great straight out of the camera, are plain ignorant and incompetent to even say anything on this subject. Why on earth I would trust automatic camera settings to process my pictures? Most quality pictures are unique enough to require individual attention of a human being, or at least a better auto-post-process than cameras offer. If anyone really insists on great pics straight out of the camera, then they must turn off all in-camera processing by shooting in RAW...and then maybe they will realize how dumb they are. To be honest, Photoshop makes a bad photograher even worse.
Although you can't deny that it's absolutely essential now. Even if you do take a perfectly composed raw file you have to do a lot of tweaking of the colour balance and sharpening and whatever else otherwise they look awful.

Photo techs will never be out of work. A lot of commercial work ,especially for ads, are shot in fragments and then put back together computer can never automate that. Photographers don't really think about shooting everything in one frame anymore.
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