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David and Karen
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I love my photoshop, but this is a little too much. That last pano is completely fake, and I suspect the final version upon closer inspection is not as "neat" as it appears.

The point of the matter is, if you do not shoot directly into the sun, you won't get flare that you have to remove. If you take more shots to cover all the area you want in a pano, you don't need to fake more in. Good photographers won't become a dime a dozen because a really good shot takes planning, forethought and drawing upon experience to use the proper in camera settings at the time of shooting, not during post-processing.

I'm not saying I wouldn't love the opportunity to play with this, and I might save some snapshots that otherwise might go in the trash, but my experience has been that quality photos come that way out of the camera with minor amounts of tweaking and "digital processing" needed.
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