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quote:Originally posted by OK Jack

The difference between this:

and this:

represents about 4 hrs work...

The way I finally "liked" it was like this:

Now that's the way I liked it, and it couldn't be done without Photoshop or Topaz...

The full sized version of it is here:

If you don't like it, then fine... I do... and (to me) that's all that counts... *wink*... ;o)

But if you drive by this place 3 times a day, and you don't stop, and take the back road, and wait till the Sun is in the right spot, then you'll never get it, with or without Photoshop...

OK... really is the end of discussion for me, 'cos I have to hit the hot tub with a Scotch on the rocks (which is also the way I like it)... LOL !!!


Too much blue on the mountains but the rest is awesome.
Great pic Rick.

Wow, if it works the way they show now I will have to go back and fix tons of pictures.
Sigh, more work but at least it should be faster.
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