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quote:Originally posted by Dru

I have heard digital TRIM will be free soon (within the next year) if it isn't already.

Check here for updates:
I have two goals. First goal is to print out usable (1:20,000) maps w/ 20m contour intervals and UTM griding. The scale can vary a little but the 20m contour interval is critical for me. 40m contour intervals is woefully inadequate in such varied terrain as BC. Second goal is to get that information as a basemap onto my Garmin GPS as well.

I did manage to find the Free Products page here:

and more importantly the Raster Base Map 1:20 000 section which is TRIM based but I cannot seem to find the geoTIFF and the PDF UTM projection files.

Apparently the raster base maps are provided at no cost by Base Mapping and Geomatic Services through the Base Map Online Store.

I've managed to get 20m contour intervals from the Base Map Online Store application (by using no text contours) but the printing (i.e. save as PDF) only covers what I see in the tiny square window? Is there any way to save a pdf with a larger viewing window than that tiny square or is the only solution an arduous one -- taking screenshots of the areas that I'm interested in and then cropping and stitching them in together using some sort of Imaging/Paint application? There has got to be an easier way. I would also like to layer in UTM grid data if possible. UTM grid data helps me locate my position really easily and I can estimate distances really easily without having to constantly look at the edges of the map. With UTM gridding and variable sized area maps, I would be able to print out my own physical maps.

Is it possible to download the raster data so I can use it as a basemap for my Garmin GPS?
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