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...and enjoy using an electronic viewfinder.
Yeah - that's true. But have you used a camera with the new EVF's lately? My GH-1 has an EVF and it's really good. Not as good as an OVF for clarity but for some things it's actually better. For example, you can't use the viewfinder on most DSLR's while doing video. Also you can easily check focus by increasing the EVF image 10x - you can't do that with an OVF.

TheCameraStore is in a fight with Olympus because for some reason they didn't get to sell the EP1 when it was announced. In response to Olympus, TheCameraStore blew out all of it's Olympus gear (good for the consumer!) but that ticked Olympus off even MORE. Now I guess they're at a stalemate on the issue.

I've used 4/3 and m4/3 for years now as my main hiking cameras and while the sensor is half the size of full frame, it's still MUCH larger than a sensor like the Canon G10/G11 (5x bigger!) which means better detail and better low-light capabilities. I've enlarged 10mp images from my Olympus E410 to 24"x36" no problem.
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