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quote:Originally posted by Rachelo

So what is the cost of an average high-end P&S camera?
$500 thereabouts plus memory etc.

When I went to check on this camera Vern is noting I pulled this up from The Camera Store's site:

A letter to our customers regarding Olympus products.
A message to our customers regarding Olympus products.
We regret to inform our valued customers that we are no longer able to
supply Olympus products at this time. We appreciate all of the
business that Olympus users have given us.

Olympus manufactures many fine products that we have been proud to
represent, yet we have frequently been at odds with the marketing
methods employed by Olympus Canada for the last few years. It remains
our philosophy that a retailer should be able to earn a consumer's
business without any advantage or influence provided by a supplier to
any other particular retailer. Our many attempts to voice our
objections throughout this time has brought no satisfactory responses.

We look forward to when we can once again sell Olympus products and
will let you know when this is possible. Please sign up here if you
wish to be notified of any changes in this situation.

Things that make me go "hmmmm." I'm sure they didn't arrive at this decision easily.
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