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quote:Originally posted by The Hiker

1. I dont disagree with you but several small P& S dont take filters.
2. I still say a lot depends on the person taking the capture.
3. I found myself metering off the sky first and then taking a reading from the ground. Shoot somewhere in between. You can also use a small pocket grey card to get a light reading.
4. Here are some examples.
5. The first few were taken with a 5mp . The sunset was a Canon A620 which is 7.2mp. I will admit colours were adjusted a bit with Photoshop but only slightly.
No amount of skill or metering can replace the fact that a small sensor is dynamic range limited. You can meter for the sky or the ground or somewhere in between but unless you are doing exposure blending, photoshopping color or HDR you can not get back pixels that are blown out.

You don't need filters to use a GND, you simply hand hold it in front of the lens. You can get filter adapters for most P&S cameras too (including the G9/10/11 from Canon). Another reason to use the filter adapter on a P&S is to use a polarizing filter which can not be duplicated digitally afterwards (it doesn't only make the sky bluer, it takes away reflections).

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