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1. I dont disagree with you but several small P& S dont take filters.
2. I still say a lot depends on the person taking the capture.
3. I found myself metering off the sky first and then taking a reading from the ground. Shoot somewhere in between. You can also use a small pocket grey card to get a light reading.
4. Here are some examples.
5. The first few were taken with a 5mp . The sunset was a Canon A620 which is 7.2mp. I will admit colours were adjusted a bit with Photoshop but only slightly.

My suggestions is use your camera on manual and shoot , shoot, shoot. Don't be afraid to play with the settings. Get or download some books on photography.

I don't want to derail your thread Vern so no offence please. Here is a link that may be of some help to people. There is some very good info here and a number of people I know that are awesome photographers have found it usefull, myself included. I have downloaded several podcasts and then listen to them on my Ipod while sitting in traffic.
Here is the link.

b.t.w. I have seen junk taken with a Canon 5D by so called Pro's and I have seen great stuff with a $200 camera. I use a Canon 40D and have had my share of carppy shots however my keeper rate has come up over the last 2 years.
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