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Default Sunset Paddles,Powell River Aug 3-8-2011 :) Ah HA!

As I sit here writing this,I'm trying SO hard not to scratch my 20 or so new mosquito bites! I've just finally dragged my ass in from the most amazing sunset slowly followed by the most amazing moonset I have ever seen!!!

A little background...I got an email Sunday night...

Just wondering ... whether you might want a mini vacation while at work, and want to come and stay here for a few nights to cat sit? I can probably get my tenants to look after him, but she is allergic to cats and they are not 100% reliable.

We are planning to leave Weds for about 5 nights.

Only if you think this might be fun! (We can set up the kayak).

My instant reply....

Are you kidding??????????? You want to know if I can cat sit in your crappy ocean front hovel,and ride the fat pig??? OMG!!!!! Of COURSE I would LOVE to cat sit!!!!! I love cat's!!!! YES,YES,YES
I should come over tomorrow so you can show me stuff
I get off work at 5:30 pm,I'll phone you when I get home

So for the last two nights,I've been kayaking So awesome!!! I've only been a couple of times,the last was like 4 years ago,and both times I got in from a first beach assault resulted in an instant soaker as I flipped it in the shallows and it filled with water LOLOL
Couldn't believe how warm the water is Finally got in with a little help from the guy upstairs,and off I went. I chose not to wear the skirt last night,I've never worn one. It was really fun,a good workout,as I was doing it all wrong LOL.. Some neighbours were giggling at me until I pointed out to them that I had no clue what the hell I was doing,and we all had a laugh The lady said I was doing great,so I'll run with it Here's some pictures...

I have canoed for many many miles,but this is a different beast,and it's going to take more practice,but I LOVE it

Tonight,I had to go again,and after watching several instructional videos,I can proudly say I got in,and out without getting wet !!! YAY!!
I even wore the skirt I'm not gonna lie,it kind of gave me a claustrophobic feeling.....weird. I think my style has improved,but maybe not... The giggling neighbours where out again,and I'm going to get some company on my paddle tomorrow,and some free tips We chatted briefly,and when they found out I just moved here,they said "welcome to paradise" !! I have to keep pinching myself,I REALLY love it up here Here's some from tonight.....

I wrote this last night,but I couldn't upload pics. ( Thanks Jim ) So now there's a day 3!
Tonight the water was different,my quiet glassy pond had turned quite choppy and the wind was blowing too I watched some more videos and I want to try flipping,but I think I'll wait for a human LOL tonight I was practicing hip thrusts LOLOL
Getting back was a real workout and the swells were getting big,but it was SO much fun!!! I knew I was made for this,I just feel so comfortable on the water
Here's even more pics....some flowers here and the moon tonight,not nearly as good as last night,but still pretty

Almost forgotI saw a fish at least a foot and a half long jump about four feet out of the water and landed fifteen feet away!!He just flew!!! Unreal
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