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quote:Originally posted by Cheffy

Someone helped me at MEC, but to be honest he mostly just answered some questions and helped with some adjustments while I loaded packs and walked around in them. He didn't even bother to measure me. Nice guy, but didn't really seem to into trying to fit me into a pack. He suggested the alpinelite, although I expressed weight wasn't a concern, comfort was the primary concern. I measured my back before I came, and decided to try the larger Bora. He agreed that if it fits it fits, but seemed a little skeptical.

I will try some ospreys at the Europe Bound shop the road some time. I prefer to purchase from MEC do to their customer satisfaction policies though. So far I am leaning to the Bora, but will need to pick up both, pack them up and walk for about 30 minutes to better evaluate them I think.
Valhalla Pure on Broadway carries Osprey and I would recommend them over Europe Bound for product knowledge and customer support.
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