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I should maybe mention too that the Brio 70 I own is a standard, and the main problems it gave me on a 5 day trip carrying about 50 lbs were a sharp pain between the shoulder blades that grew steadily worse day after day on the trail. It just always felt like I could not shift enough weight to my hips, and the pack was pulling too much on my shoulders perhaps. However the deep bruises on my hip-bones indicated that it certainly was tight enough around the waist. Thank goodness I brought a lot of advil. The pack is pretty tough, but just not comfortable enough. I probably could have done a better job with adjustments, but it just isn't going to cut it.

Halifax - This is kind of what I felt with the Bora, but it was just barely the case. It definitely put weight on my hips, but it seemed like it was just barely long enough.

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