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Default Hanging Lake - June 19, 2011

After 2 previous investigative ventures into this area, Katie and I made it up to Hanging Lake today. Can't share with you how we got to the bushbowl (which isn't much of a bushbowl this time of year), but I can share info. from there on. : )

An early start from Surrey and we come across 4 deer and 2 bears along the Chilliwack Lake road. If you were parked along the road by the Lindeman/Greendrop trailhead, a big, healthy looking black was checking out your cars. : )
Overcast skies, but we're hoping for clearing skies...doesn't happen though.

Katie likes to check out the air coming through the vents when we enter bush country. : )

In the bushbowl and it is starting to come alive after sitting under so much snow this year.

At the top of the bushbowl, with one last slide path to cross and we are in the trees. : )

In the trees, and it is very steep in here.

Katie looking down at just how steep that was, and we have more of that ahead. : )

A few gullies/slide paths to cross on our way up. Ice axe was useful and comforting to have in hand. : )

Hanging Lake : ) As you can see, not much for views today, but at least we got to see the entire lake, had a great time and now know how to get up there. : )
Raining lightly, so we didn't sit still for long. Knowing full well we will be back under sunny skies. : )

Hanging Creek on the way down.

Some fancy footwork from Katie. : )

Re-entering the bushbowl, and hoping our memory of how to get back down from here is up to snuff. : )

5 hours up, 8 hours round trip. : )

Enjoy : )

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