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Default Grouse Grind, Chief 3 Peaks, Cheakamus - One Day

Started my day at 10:00am today (much later for those that know I like to start much earlier). I decided today was going to be a cardio day So I set of to do the Grind, the 3 peaks of the Chief and Cheakamus all by dinner. As you can imagine the Grouse Grind was crazy busy on opening weekend (and the tourists haven't even arrived yet). Was disappointed that the timer isn't working for summer yet - it still measures the snowshoe data. Anyway timed it myself - an ok 37 minutes on the dot (lost some time trying to get around people). They have installed these concrete steps for the first half kilometer. Then it was off to do the three peaks of the Chief - went straight for the second and third peak so I could time myself - 44 minutes from parking lot to 3rd peak (via 2nd). Then to the first peak on the way down. I didn't time the whole trip but I'm pretty sure it was about 2 hours. Lots of people here too and again slowed down even more than on the Grind becuase as you know, you have to wait for people coming and going up ladders, etc. Then it was off to Cheakamus (a nice 14km limited elevation gain as a cool down - parking lot to end of lake finish point - 46 minutes (no people in my way lol Round trip - just over 2 hours including my snack and stretching (ok I did run a bit on the way there but no running on the way back

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