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quote:Originally posted by Arnold
quote:I would absolutely agree that the 50mm f1.2 is a fantastic lens in so far as it's sharpness and usability. Indeed one of the sharpest zooms Canon has ever produced in the wide angle range is not an "L" lens either, and only mid range in price.
Huh? What?!?! The 50/1.2 is one expensive "L" lens. It is not a zoom, it is a prime. It is not a wide angle lens. It is not mid range in price. I can't believe this n00bness.
Notice the period ending the first sentence, or maybe the word "either" after I referred to another sharp Canon lens in the very next sentence?

Oh well, thanks for catching my typo on the 50 f1.2 thing, I was referring to the 50 f1.8 that Splitboarder mentioned, and agreeing that it is a very sharp lens at a mid range price.

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