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quote:Originally posted by ArnoldIf someone is taking just good or awful photos, then he should look for problems in his techniques and fix them. If I still didn't get my point across, then it's likely that we have a different definition for great/good photos. For examples of great photos you can look here: or here

For examples of good photos...I'm sure you can find them yourself all over the internet.
Realizing that you are a bit sensitive about me Arnold, I hope I can find a way to say this with out inciting your volatility.

Your own examples of "great photos" argue against the very point you are trying to make. I did not even have to go to the pages that explained what equipment was used to produce those images in order to clearly see that all of them were taken with very high quality, ultra wide glass (but I did anyway).

Not one part of this discussion was ever about the lack of value in acquiring good photography skills but your point about glass not being a noticeable quantity in final image quality is not only wrong but... demonstrated wrong by your own examples of "great photos".
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