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quote:Originally posted by Monster

I think your missing the point Mauricio... A prosumer Canon dslr that does 8 frames per second means I dont have to buy all new lenses or spend the kind of money Nikon wants for it's FF D3. Besides, if I wanted an FF camera... it'd be a Canon 5D mkII for quality of glass and price of body alone
I don't think so. Your post was about "a niche in the professional photography market". There is an enormous difference between the "prosumer" market (which used to be called amateur, but I guess manufacturers know how to stroke an ego) and the professional one. I fall, at best, in the amateur category. Danjurak's post is spot on - a professional cannot shoot APS-C, even in situations where it would have obvious advantages (backpacking being the one closest to us), or their pictures would just be rejected. For a professional - defined as someone who makes a living from photography - a $3,000 extra cost is irrelevant if it means the difference between selling their pictures or not. And a professional sports photographer will not be caught dead near an APS-C sensor.

The 7D will live or die on its appeal to the consumer market. It will definitely not be because it satisfies the needs of a niche in the professional market.
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