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quote:Originally posted by Monster
There is a very important niche in the professional photography market that will absolutely love this Canon offering. Many wildlife, action and sports photographers very much appreciate the tighter crop of the APS-C frame facto.,
This is a common misconception. No wildlife, action or sports photographer who knows what they are doing cares for the APS-C crop frame. They understand that a crop is just a crop. The subject is still at the same distance, and you are still focusing the action through the same lens. There is no magical magnifying power in throwing away the edges of the frame. What matters for image quality is photosite size, and cramming 18 MP on a smaller sensor takes things the wrong way. Provided you use the same lens, you will get a better picture of that charging grizzly with a 5D Mark II and cropping the center part. This is why the best sports digital camera in the market today is the Nikon D3, a full frame camera with a low MP count and gigantic photosites that still delivers 8 fps.

The only reason to get an APS-C camera is cost. All other things held equal (particularly speed and needed lenses), APS-C systems are still a lot cheaper than full frame ones.
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