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quote:Originally posted by gunthur

As a smoker I carry all my butts out while hiking. The ones I don't carry out get burned in a fire along with all other combustibles.

I have picked hundreds of butts off trails and it really pisses me off that people are that selfish.
Thanks to all the conscientious smokers, indeed, for picking up their butts as they go.

However, one thing I've noticed (perhaps because I'm a reformed smoker) is that the higher you go, the fewer butts you see. There will be lots at campgrounds, in parks and on pond loops, some few at lower elevations along trails with gentle slopes and easy access, but once you're past a few hundred metres in elevation gain, they seem to disappear altogether. This could mean that all the smokers who hike pick up after themselves, but there may be a simpler explanation.

I think smokers just can't make it up to heights requiring any extra exertion beyond that needed for a gentle stroll with Grandma. And all that fresh air probably confuses their lungs.
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