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Default Sleeping Bag liner / warm weather bag

Hello everyone,

I am looking to purchase a sleeping bag liner to add warmth to my +3C Spring bag and possibly as a stand-alone sleeping bag for warm summer weather.

The purchase is warranted because my 15 year old down bag is finally leaking and I currently cannot justify purchasing a new down winter sleeping bag. Two weeks ago I was camping in the snow at Birkenhead Lake - it was COLD but I brought along a thin fleece blanket bought at Superstore to warp my body inside the sleeping bag. It was warm enough.

I would like to know if silk liners would add the same warmth as the cheap $5 Superstore fleece blanket? It is a bit bulky, about the same size as two folded twin size bed sheets stacked together. I hope to have something smaller.

On a similar note, does anyone have experience with the following cotton liners?

Thank you for reading!
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