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KARVITK 09-22-2019 07:29 PM

Mt.Baker - Skyline Divide to Hadley Peak Sept.21/19
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This is a hike I had desired to repeat since a September 2016 outing; 2018 was recovery year after a November 2017 injury,, Mamquam Hike, and then a move.

Hike was done yesterday, so I would have Sunday to recover.. and yes it was strenuous, lots of sidehilling... and today recovering from a stiff right leg. In my atttachments I show map and two google images. Red for the easy fine trails for the Skyline Divide portion. Green for the midsection leading up to Chowder Ridge, and tourquoise blue for the Chowder Ridge to Hadley Peak.

Trail for 'green" section is more natural in that is narrow and more like a natural path than well padded and widened skyline trail. Chowder Ridge is a route with game trails used by hikers, and includes some scrambling, unstable scree slopes of rock and gravel sized rocks. without a GPS based on past reports and memory this was a 28 km return trip.

Four of us started the trail (9 am at the trailhead), two friends stopped and turned around at the start of Choweder Ridge, while myself and Ingrid (CT. Norgie) carried on.

It took us 1 hour from trailhead to gain the open ridge, then a further 1 hour 10+ minutes to hike to end of the Skyline Divide trail (terminus) which is at a point. a 20 minute snack break and 40 minutes to the tarn. (12 noon) and 2:20 pm stopped at the furthest point out which was beyond Hadley. Heavy fog, no gps track, so we were unsure of exactly where we were as fog limited visibility to 50 to 100 meters up on the high point of the ridge. Ingrid hurried up a peak which just showed up out of the fog, came down and confirmed it was Hadley Peak. Due to time and fog worries, decided to head back without myself getting to the actual peak. ..Our way back was a little higher than incoming, however there was a sharp rocky ridge cutting down, so we hike down below it to regain the trail on the way back. Half of the ridge is a great ridge walk, most of the rest is scree, gravels, and unstable scree. and rock to scramble up and over.
Some painful leg cramps slowed us down on our return west section of Choweder Ridge was back in the sun, and a pleasant ridge walk was welcome.

Downclimb to the tarn and fog and cloud obscured the views pretty all the way back to the forest ... we reached the forest just below the start of the ridge, 7 pm and reached the car by 8 pm with headlamps. I will have to remember to change the batteries, headlamp light was weak and progress down was slow.

It was a great adventure and we did get the views I had hoped for, will be back next year August 2020 on a sunny cloud-free day.

Map (All Trails modified)
Attachment 271154

Google Earth images....note colour code.
Attachment 271156

Attachment 271158

Attachment 271160

Attachment 271162

Attachment 271164

OUT INTO THE OPEN RIDGE, 1 Hour into hike..
Attachment 271166

Attachment 271168

Attachment 271170

Attachment 271172

Attachment 271174

Attachment 271176

Past end of Skyline Divide section ,view south to Mt. Baker and Chowder Ridge.
Attachment 271178

One of the ridge subpeaks
Attachment 271180

Scramble up the first rocky hill - start of Chowder Ridge. This is where Jana and Ziff turned around to head back.
Attachment 271182

Early section of Chowder Ridge, view of tarn below.. from here it is just Ingrid and me.
Fine ridge walk at first...after the initial scramble.
Attachment 271184

Attachment 271186

Attachment 271188

Attachment 271190

Ridge of sidehill scree, rock, and gravel...
Attachment 271192

Attachment 271194

Attachment 271196

This is base of Hadley Peak summit block...
Attachment 271198

Horrible fog, cut visibility... where is hadley peak, yes Ingrid confirmed we were there....

HADLEY GLACIER, with Goat tracks in the snow...
Attachment 271200

Jagged rock formations, later on almost cut hands on sharp rock.. Need to wear gloves to make way over rock.
Attachment 271202

heading back.....
Attachment 271204

Back to western part of Chowder Ridge, welcome to see the sun again and some views.
Attachment 271206

Attachment 271208

Attachment 271210

To close...... plenty of goat hair or wool on the slopes; and large area coverage in goat manure ... watch where you sit

Temperature on Skyline Divide felt cool at 10'C with wind, got a little warmer, then down to +4'c by Hadley Peak with wind.

I plan to return next year Aug. 2020 to get best chance of full sunshine so as to get those photos we missed this time around.


Norgie 09-22-2019 07:48 PM

Excellent report and awesome day. That is a magical place and I can't wait to get back there. Thanks for the hike! You're not kidding about watch where you sit. lol

zeljkok 09-22-2019 08:03 PM

That's a great looking ridgewalk. This pic is awesome!

(Ingrid has a very nice dog btw)

KARVITK 09-22-2019 08:20 PM

Thank you Norgie, we will back there next year. perhaps my hiking pole I lost might be found then.

Zeljkok, than you very much the compliment. Great ridge walk for a large part. Chowder Ridge does have some challenging sections.


martin 09-25-2019 07:00 PM

Great report. The fog makes the photos more dramatic. I guess we lucked out with mostly clear skies in Manning Park on Saturday.

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