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KARVITK 08-15-2019 12:31 AM

Mt. Baker - Ptarmigan Trail to East Portal Aug.11/19
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We had planned on this hike, because I looked forward to the great views, and possible mountain goat sightings. Weather forecast varied over the days in advance, against hope called for chance of showers. On the hike we got more than that.... rain for 80% of the time.

Arrived at the parking lot, light rain .... for a while.. Attachment 269676 We geared up and got ready.. full dress rain gear, and two of our group with umbrellas.

Not many other people on trail, only a handful of cars in the lot.

19 km return, 3 hours including stops to reach the end; 2-3/4 hours to get back... just the odd tricky ice section which could be bypassed on snow higher up...

A fine trail mostly with a gentle grade and good rocks to keep traction on. Onward... rain stopped for a bit..

Got the Chain Lakes turnoff from the Table Mountain - Ptarmigan Ridge Trail.
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Attachment 269680

Flowers show great colour, more true under cloudy setup then one would get under bright sunshine. A plus here.

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Attachment 269688

We encountered some expansive snow patches, a few tricky spots. more than I would expect after a light snow winter, then the summer has seen less heat and a little cooler than last year two years in summer.

Attachment 269690

Attachment 269692

End of the trail, then we turn west direct to the final leg... great flowers again, and further on like a moonscape with few plants.

Attachment 269694

Attachment 269696

Our prospective lunch spot.

Attachment 269698

The only patch of trees here in what looked like landscape form.
Attachment 269700

Beyond lies the end point, final destination. last bump in the next picture.

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Attachment 269704

Attachment 269706

Our four-legged companion Linnea was as sure footed as any creature. amazing agility and climbing ability.
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Attachment 269710

Attachment 269712

Time to turn back.............

Lunch with hot tea warmed up the appropiate spot unpon setting out again. At times rain would stop, even saw a ray of sun for a minute. Then disappeared. Cloud mist reinforced, then the rain resumed... grabbed pictures whenever rain let up.

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Attachment 269716

Attachment 269718

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Attachment 269728

Enjoyed the flowers again on way out........plenty of colour.. thrill to the eyes.

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