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KARVITK 06-19-2019 03:00 PM

Mt. Baker - Damfino Lake to Excelsior Jun.16.19
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Excellent day, made it to Excelsior from Damfino Lake Trailhead. 9 km return with 520 meters net elevation gain.... Total time of 5 hours 15 minutes included 1 hour for lunch, and a few other small breaks...

Nice easy trail, with snow nicely consolidated with a soft 2 to 3 cm upper layer. Ziff brought his crampons which were handy; Wilf and I did not, and we managed to keep on the snow without slipping by carefully angling our boot prints into the snow on sloping sections.

Note the last image, map; shows our route marked in orange.

After we returned to trailhead we decided we needed a second adventure; discussed Boundary Trail and recon for Bearpaw.


Canyon Creek Road is accessible, as viewed from Damfino Lake Trailhead
Attachment 267492

Part of the trail before Damfino Lake, then Damfino Lake.

Attachment 267494
Attachment 267496
Attachment 267498

10 minutes past lake, still patchy snow

Attachment 267500

Snow cover increased, and depth as well... up to an intermediate hill, north facing here
Attachment 267502

Trail into forest snow free all the way to major meadow leading up to Excelsior.
Attachment 267504

Snow cover increased further, almost continuous as go into ravine area, before ascending to saddle west of Excelsior
Attachment 267506
Attachment 267508

At Excelsior Summit snow free; flowers grow to snow boundary..
Attachment 267510

Attachment 267512
Attachment 267514
Attachment 267516
Attachment 267518
Attachment 267520

Some views...................
BEARPAW Mountain to west.
Attachment 267522

Mt. Baker with summit cloud wrap
Attachment 267524

Table Mountain to south
Attachment 267526

Views east into Hannegan Valley, Ruth Mountain Visible.
Attachment 267532

Lunch done, we return taking west slope down from Excelsior.
Attachment 267528

Getting by beautiful Damfino Lake on way back:
Attachment 267530

shows Damfino Lake TH to Excelsior in orange.....Attachment 267534

treord8 06-20-2019 01:11 PM

Nice report, Karl. Looks like you had some good weather, and those glacier lilies are really blooming! Thanks for sharing.

martin 06-21-2019 12:16 PM

Great pictures, what a contrast between the north and south sides of the hills!

KARVITK 06-22-2019 03:03 PM

Thank you Treord8 and martin for your compliments; the flowers are out and showing off their colours. As the season progresses, I can anticipate more flowers to appear on ground being vacated by melting snow. North and south side contrasts are certainly a tonic to view.


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